Quick Fit 5 Featured Workouts

  • Combos: All Fitness Levels.

    Combo Series 1
    All Fitness Levels. Get on your shoes and move!

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  • Combo Series 2
    All Fitness Levels. Fun and energetic!

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  • Kick Series
    All Fitness Levels. Time to workout now!

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  • Grapevines
    All Fitness Levels. Get moving now!

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How Quick Fit 5 Works

You select the exercises you want to do today!

Wondering how five minutes will do anything other than perhaps give you enough time to slip into your workout shorts and sneakers?

What if five minutes a day could dramatically impact the way you look and feel about yourself?

Perform these exercises at least five days a week and you’re on the fast track to a new and improved you. Imagine what your body will look like if you keep this simple, yet ultra-effective routine going for another two, three, or even four weeks.

Designed by Fitness Motivators (the creators of Z-Box Fitness), Quick Fit 5 short workouts can be very effective when you are doing the exercises with focus—think quality, not quantity.

Do you see how you have an advantage over your friends who don’t work out at all because they don’t have a full hour in their schedule for the gym? If you want to feel good about the way you look, start with something you can actually stick to and know that consistent effort pays off!

Get started by clicking a workout on this page! Have fun and go your own pace! More workouts will be available soon!

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